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Changing of the Guard
August 26, 2020
A new firm has emerged from the foundation laid by its founding partners. Although the Old Guard has retired, Schulz Brick & Rogaski continues a strong tradition of achieving superior results for its clients.
Deductive Reasoning is in Peter Schulz's DNA
April 13, 2020
If Problem-Solving and Open Communication Are Beneficial, Then the Benefits Are to Peter Schulz’s Clients and Referring Partners. “I have always been drawn to the thought process one goes through in the practice of law.” Schulz Brick & Rogaski's Managing Partner Peter J. Schulz says. Perhaps it runs in the family. The Wisconsin native’s father is a trial lawyer, so advocacy may be in his blood.
Jon Brick Receives Verdict of the Week
April 15, 2020
Chicken ranch's stockpile of manure a nuisance, plaintiffs pled. The plaintiffs alleged that the defendants allowed dust, flies and odors to emanate from the ranch. The defendants contended that the operations of the ranch were within the standard of care for such facilities in San Diego County and were at all times in compliance with the San Diego County ordinance concerning fly breeding.